Looking for insight - Games on a school managed Chromebook

So the situation is this: I am a junior high ELA teacher and I want to bring some videogames into the classroom. What I have to work with are the students Chromebooks. At first glance, I figured I'd throw some short, playable without install games on some flash drives and we could play through whatever game it is, and then talk...

Recommend a game for me to play with my partner

My partner and I occasionally play games together, but they pretty much only play word puzzle games on their own. I'm not very good at word games though, and they don't have very good spatial skills, so we frequently find ourselves mismatched. We have a switch and a single decent gaming pc, and a pretty old laptop....

Elon Musk loses over 400 satellites in 3 months according to data from (defense contractor used), and over 1,000 for the lifespan of the company (

I received a lot of flack in my other posts for providing this data in conjunction with his efforts to raise money. I separated this post in order to comply with the rules....

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