how similar are other North American countries to USA??

I mean the other 2 countries, Canada and Mexico, how similar are both of them to United States?? Both countries have a similar economy and democracy etc, and I think those two countries share things like supermarkets, stores, etc. I suppose the cultural differences are not a lot, that is very nice.

It's funny how google pretends the music on YouTube isn't straight up piracy and everyone just goes along with it

Most people have extremely weird ideas of what's considered piracy and what isn't. Downloading a video game rom is piracy, but if you pay money to some Chinese retailer for an SD card containing the roms, that's somehow not piracy. Exploiting the free trial on a streaming site by using prepaid visa cards is somehow not piracy...

Recommend a game for me to play with my partner

My partner and I occasionally play games together, but they pretty much only play word puzzle games on their own. I'm not very good at word games though, and they don't have very good spatial skills, so we frequently find ourselves mismatched. We have a switch and a single decent gaming pc, and a pretty old laptop....

Looking for insight - Games on a school managed Chromebook

So the situation is this: I am a junior high ELA teacher and I want to bring some videogames into the classroom. What I have to work with are the students Chromebooks. At first glance, I figured I'd throw some short, playable without install games on some flash drives and we could play through whatever game it is, and then talk...

Wie navigieren normale Leute im deutschen ÖPNV? German

Wenn ich ne andere Stadt besuch muss ich mir deren App installieren, weil anscheinend jede größere Stadt ihre eigene App für ihre Straßenbahnen und Busse hat? Und in kleinen Städten und aufm Land gibt's gar keine, sondern bestenfalls ne verstaubte, schlecht funktionierende Website?

Celebrate Your First Anniversary with ChatGPT: A Year of AI Developments and Revolutionising the AI for Work Landscape

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the year 2023 marks a significant milestone for artificial intelligence enthusiasts. As we celebrate the first anniversary of ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI language model developed by San Francisco-based startup OpenAI, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable strides made in ai for...

Action cam recommendations? (Europe)

I am looking for an action cam. It does not need to be a GoPro or DJI simply because they are so very expensive -- but finding alternatives is difficult, mostly because all those products are misrepresented on sites like Amazon. Some reviews reveal that the manufacturer offers free add-ons to customers who post 5-star reviews....

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