redcalcium ,


HonoraryMancunian ,

That is a nice bridge

GladiusB , avatar

It’s south of Santa Cruz on highway 1 in California if I remember correctly.

KnightontheSun ,

I want to see it entering a tunnel. I am a simple man.

TheDankHold ,

A wild wiener wandering

Dead_or_Alive ,

I was on a business trip and pulled into my hotel late one night to find the Oscar Myer wiener mobile parked outside.

After a long day of work nothing put a bigger smile on my face. Ride on Wiener mobile, ride on…

Karlos_Cantana , avatar

I'm surprised PornHub hasn't bought one of those and customized it.

niktemadur ,

Huh, I never thought about the Wienermobile taking the scenic drive.
Its’ next stop should be to have the eggs benedict at Deetjen’s just 15 minutes further down that road.
Or are the crew of the HMS Wienermobile required to eat only hot dogs?

TropicalDingdong ,

Bro if they powered only by hot dogs, they gonna lose their lunches around that next sequence of curves. I’ve done that drive before (as the driver) and I was white knuckled with naseaua. I’m pretty sure my passengers died from car sickness.

Ilovethebomb ,

I suspect they’d have pretty high staff turnover if they were required to only eat hot dogs.

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