JizzmasterD ,

I come in flames!

sbv ,

“did anyone bring a fire extinguisher?”

jaybone ,

Skeleton: thanks! That was painful.

Xartle ,

That artist had no idea how weapons work.

chemical_cutthroat ,
@chemical_cutthroat@lemmy.world avatar

Based on the structure of the axe, I’d say that you’d have better luck swinging it like a baseball bat than an axe, anyway. There’s no excuse for the scimitar and the billiard cue, though.

asteriskeverything ,

The scimitar allows for maximum boob and butt display. That’s the excuse

GrammatonCleric ,
@GrammatonCleric@lemmy.world avatar

Chick on the right’s tryna sink the 8 ball

sbv ,

trick shot!

mrbubblesort ,
@mrbubblesort@kbin.social avatar

... on a table six feet in the air

jaybone ,

Guy on the left is about to take off his buddy’ head.

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