Evil_Shrubbery ,

He just didn’t know he wanted that.

ininewcrow ,
@ininewcrow@lemmy.ca avatar

I installed them. I installed them all. They’re formatted, every single one of them. And not just the laptops, but the PCs and the tablets too. They’re like animals, and I forced it on them like Windows users. I HATE THEM.

Scout ,

I just switched to Linux and I can say I get it now. Everyone should switch to Linux whether they want to or not.

Evil_Shrubbery ,

FOSS or die needs to become an enforced law.

joyjoy ,

I’m a sneaky fox. sneaked in your house, sat on your couch, ate your pasta, installed Gentoo.

pat277 ,

OK, thanks. Can you do it to my intel atom tablet too? I have mac & cheese

RootBeerGuy ,
@RootBeerGuy@discuss.tchncs.de avatar

Just how long were you there?

hansl ,

You’re assuming he installed Gentoo successfully.

rostby ,

You think he’s done?

PlasticExistence ,

Your friend: “I don’t think my system works”

seitanic ,
@seitanic@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

“Be patient. It’s compiling.”

“Well, when can I use my computer?”


SomeBoyo ,

If you’re lucky

Im_old ,

Gather around kids, I’ll tell you a story of the olden days. Back when it first came out I installed gentoo, and at the time the recommended process was to start from stage1. And of course I was a true believer and spent a lot of time optimizing cflags. I could get the base system running in maybe half a day, on the third try on average (I was distro hopping a lot). I used gnome at the time, and it wasn’t that bad to bring it up. Less than 24 hours. But if you wanted openoffice (there was no libreoffice at the time), oh boy, you could say goodbye to your system for a good day and then some. Assuming that it didn’t fail and then you had to change cflags, recompile half the system and try again. But man, when it finished the system would fly sooo smooth.

Flyswat ,

Meanwhile enjoy your improvised heater

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