devilish666 ,

Every linux distro are best except ubuntu & manjaro

s_s , avatar

The programmable coffee drum roaster is NixOS

model_tar_gz ,

AeroPress Pop!_OS gang, check in!

mr_satan , avatar

I do it the Arch way. I don’t use Arch, btw

Abnorc ,

I started with aeropress, but I somehow get more flavorful coffee when I do a pour over. I’m not sure how that happens since I’ve been hearing that it is easier to get good extraction with immersion brewing, but I just keep on doing whatever works best for the most part.

laurelraven ,

Turkish coffee pot: works with literally any source of heat if you know what you’re doing.


dukatos ,

Where is the french press?

s_s , avatar


BilliamBoberts ,

I make overnight coldbrew in a mason jar. What distro is that?

laurelraven ,


joel_feila , avatar


oldfart ,

Hannah Montana Linux

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

rocky linux: handmade preconfigured but changeable

jwt ,

the Rocky Linux picture should show:
being forced to use the filter drip coffee because Red Hat poisoned the ‘looks pretty cool’ coffee method.

uis , avatar

Gentoo is misrepresented. It is custom-built manufacturing line that massproduces coffee, blackjack and hookers.

woobie ,

Do me - I use the following methods based on current laziness factor:

  1. French Press + grinder
  2. Aeropress + grinder
  3. super automatic thing with built in grinder

I currently use EndeavourOS / Arch mainly

IuseArchbtw , avatar

I think this would be Vanilla OS

Creatortray ,

I think Arch. Linux would make sense more as one of those fancy setups you’re always seeing on YouTube. The ones with the awesome ports, and the calming effect. I just started using zorin, and it’s more like one of those top of the line machines that can start the coffee automatically in the morning lol.

hark ,

I mostly drink instant coffee. I’m also a dirty Windows user who mainly uses WSL (with the Ubuntu distro on that) for my Linux needs.

Wes_Dev ,

I buy canned coffee… What distro is that?

sirico , avatar

Vanilla os everything is individual containers

Creatortray ,

Linux mint.

odama626 ,


Aggravationstation ,

Puppy live USB

ale ,

Mac os

Wes_Dev ,

(dramatic gasp)

You take that back!

AntEater , avatar

Slackware: Start by planting your own coffee plants…

uis , avatar

Gentoo: do you want to use soil?

laurelraven ,

Nah, that’s LFS


What? Slackware has a menu-driven installer that sets up a usable system out of the box that comes with all the bells and whistles.
Just don’t try to change anything.

Oh, and the bells and whistles are powered by a steam engine, so you better know your way around ancient tech to use them.

bricklove ,

According to this I use Debian but my lack of audio, menu bar, and file browser says otherwise

palordrolap ,

But, how can it say anything without audio?

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