Mischala ,

HTMX and AlpineJS would like a word.

mino ,
@mino@lemmy.ml avatar

Unrelated: anyone knows what this template is called? I can never seem to find it or describe it intelligently enough to search engines.

dangblingus ,

civil war elevator?

runner_g ,

Captain America Elevator meme.

mino ,
@mino@lemmy.ml avatar


bjoern_tantau ,

coding != programming

retiolus ,
@retiolus@lemmy.cat avatar

xcuse Shakespeare

Anti_Face_Weapon ,

Funny meme, but I don’t think we should gatekeep. HTML is the path to HTML5 and thus JavaScript.

Tak ,
@Tak@lemmy.ml avatar

Do we gatekeep Java though?

Anti_Face_Weapon ,

No. But we do get to hate Java.

Zerush ,
@Zerush@lemmy.ml avatar

Does Scratch count?

EvolvedTurtle ,

I personally think it does It’s very good at teaching you the fundamentals

Raine_Wolf ,

Gods… This happens to me when I say I program in R.

benvars ,
@benvars@kbin.social avatar

I feel attacked

erogenouswarzone ,
@erogenouswarzone@lemmy.ml avatar

I think op hasn’t heard of web components. Technically it requires js, but still it will replace react and angular and vue soon me thinks.

i_stole_ur_taco ,

If you’re hired as a developer and the only tasks you’re getting assigned are HTML, are you a developer?

I think rather than the tools and languages you use, titles should be determined by the kinds of memes you consume.

EvolvedTurtle ,
turbowafflz ,

Ooh, I’ve had a terrible idea, let’s make an actual programming language with html-like syntax, that sounds fun and not at all horrifying

BeefPiano ,

LISP with tags instead of open and close parens.

lseif ,

html + xml + this language = fully tag based stack

MotoAsh ,

XML syntax, there’s at least ant scripts. They’re … pretty obnoxious to deal with.

bjoern_tantau ,

XSLT would like to have a word with you. “Arrays” start at 1.

Holzkohlen ,
@Holzkohlen@feddit.de avatar

Nah, he fine. Now if he’d have said VBA, then it would be justified.

Haus ,
@Haus@kbin.social avatar

It's like when customers at West Marine dress up in outfits and call each other 'Captain.'

Ryan213 ,
@Ryan213@lemmy.world avatar

WHAt’s wRoNg wItH HtmL

bauve OP ,
@bauve@jlai.lu avatar

Nothing, but it’s not a programming language

Cort ,

Psshaw. I programmed my Myspace page with that language: checkmate.

Amends1782 ,

What is it actually then?

shuzuko ,

It’s a markup language. In the simplest explanation, a programming language describes a process (what does the thing do) while a markup language describes a structure (how is the thing supposed to be displayed). There’s more to it than that, but someone else can get into deeper if they want, it’s beyond me lol

Amends1782 ,

I knew it was a markup language, but didn’t know the diff between the two since I’m not a programmer. Thanks

BeefPiano ,

Diogenes throws a Ruby on Rails model over the fence and shouts “Behold a markup language!”

Dirk ,
@Dirk@lemmy.ml avatar

a markup language describes a structure (how is the thing supposed to be displayed)

A markup language does not define how something is to be displayed, that’s what a styling language is for (usually CSS). A markup language semantically defines what certain parts of the created document are.

shuzuko ,

Lol that’s fair, but since those words in that combination barely even make sense to me I tried to dumb it down more and ended up being wrong 😂

I’m the idiot who searches stack for code and copies and pastes it into the project so no one should listen to me anyway.

Siegfried , (edited )

But the meme says developer, not programmer… wouldn’t that be ok then?

thiccdiccnicc ,
@thiccdiccnicc@sh.itjust.works avatar

The first step to being a developer seems to be learning how to put down other devs :(

ivanafterall ,
@ivanafterall@kbin.social avatar

AND! A little CSS.

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