dejected_warp_core ,

Sisko is about ready to commit a war crime in that last panel.

ininewcrow , avatar

I think this is the reason why everyone keeps referring to Sisko committing war crimes.

cybervseas ,

If it was Miles, then I’m sure this accident is actually way more traumatic than anyone is willing to acknowledge.

Lydia_K OP , avatar

In the case of Miles “Peekaboo” is the name of an alien culture that mind rapes you for a hundred thousand centuries in an instant for adding too much sugar to your coffee.

chemical_cutthroat , avatar

Janeway intensifies

bingbong ,

I love Risa

aaaa ,

Nah, Miles never has coffee in the afternoon

marcos ,

Nah, he gets lots of plain simple injuries that heal in minutes or hours too.

RampantParanoia2365 ,

“…but yeah, seriously, he’s blind now. And missing a pinky toe.”

EmergMemeHologram ,

To the crew it was Tuesday, to Miles it was 20 years of prison and flashbacks of the cardassian war mixed with guilt from dealing with the Orion syndicate.

CeruleanRuin ,

Definitely some Keiko sex stuff then.

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