Damage ,

Step OCCR what are you doing

Xylight ,
@Xylight@lemdro.id avatar

opjical carttcer recegnition

farken ,

Okay I’ve convorded the ttp by using the trext tins, but I’m not sure what comes next or why I’m holding a paint brush.

Ignisnex ,
@Ignisnex@lemmy.world avatar

Ah shit. It lost me at painting the QR code by hand.

d3Xt3r ,
Mek ,

I was following it correctly up until the part where you have to place a child on your laptop. I wish these things would let you know the parts required beforehand.

ICastFist ,
@ICastFist@programming.dev avatar

Just use you neighbour’s child

bingbong ,

Just take one off the street, they’re free

keefshape ,

Don’t forget the requisite top-hat!

ilinamorato ,

Also the hover-tongs.

ParsnipWitch ,
@ParsnipWitch@feddit.de avatar

I regularly feel like I’ve turned into a magician when 30 layers deep into my process of “fixing” something. So at least that is accurate.

Tbird83ii ,

I kinda think it’s ChatGPT’s interpretation of Tux?

keefshape ,

Whoa. Yes!

ours ,

But are you using child labor yet?

noodlejetski ,

Despite the constant negative press covfefe

FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

This is why I’m convinced no LLM could ever accurately produce the insane and moronic shit he comes up with.

bjoern_tantau ,

Maybe with a small language model.

bingbong ,

Yuge language model

ElBarto ,
@ElBarto@sh.itjust.works avatar

Step 4: get baked

ours ,

That little green… thing on the left looks high AF.

deathmetal27 ,

This is some /r/surrealmemes shit right here.

baatliwala ,

Part of me wants AI to never evolve so it can keep making images like these forever.

1847953620 ,

probably the best actual outcome tbh

lolcatnip ,

Old technology never dies.

tb_ ,
@tb_@lemmy.world avatar

Except when it’s closed source and on a company server somewhere

lolcatnip ,

The specific programs may be lost but the idea behind them won’t be.

PraiseTheSoup ,

Flash isn’t even that old and it’s already dead

Corgana ,
@Corgana@startrek.website avatar

I’m actually impressed by the reasonably coherent (though nonsense) text. If you think about how generative AI works it’s very surprising it could form words in images.

FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

Microsoft’s image generator has been getting better and better at text. There are still plenty of problems, especially with small text, but someone on another forum was able to get it to output this with a very small prompt:


thoughts3rased ,
HerbalGamer ,
@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

what do you mean nonsense

bingbong ,

Beautiful, it’s a work of art unparalleled in the modern era

dylanTheDeveloper ,
@dylanTheDeveloper@lemmy.world avatar

I want this on a t-shirt

modifier ,

Laugh while you can, fellow meat bags.

dustyData ,

What is fun to me is that it completely made up a bunch of computer and office accessories that don’t exist.

clothes ,

Just wait, soon we’ll all be editing documents using tiny scalpels.

JonEFive ,

Of course, the only person who would try to do this is doing an essay about marijuana.

MummifiedClient5000 ,

That was common in graphical design back in the (pre 90s) day.

nocturne213 ,

I worked in a print shop in the 90s (until 95) and we still used xacto knives for our layouts. We had a computer but on now really knew how to use it for graphic design yet.

jordanlund ,
@jordanlund@lemmy.world avatar


Gork ,

1 2 5

4 3 6

3 3 8

eluvatar ,

I didn’t even see the numbers at first

XTornado ,

All I could think about when reading the numbers was the It Crowd emergency phone number song: youtu.be/GTRil00Lfhc

bjoern_tantau ,

… 3

nailbar ,
@nailbar@sopuli.xyz avatar

I noticed that on my fourth read through. I’m still finding new obscure things in it.

cholesterol ,

I have never seen ChatGPT produce images. Is this a feature of 4.0?

Jrockwar ,

Yeah is this linked with dall-e?

9point6 ,

This has all the hallmarks of “human pretending to be an AI” rather than actual AI output

dustyData ,

That’s how you know the AI is good! actually.


randomaccount43543 ,

Why do you think that?

9point6 ,

There’s a level of continuity in the image you don’t get with image generating AI yet.

Also it’s littered with "AI getting things slightly wrong* memes

Also also, ChatGPT doesn’t output images

biscuitswalrus , (edited )
9point6 ,

Ah fair play, I missed that memo, the first two points still apply though

biscuitswalrus ,

Yep, sure, it’s a wild world we live in and this topic is changing fast. Missing this memo won’t matter when the next one will be the next generation but generations are only 6 months apart.

davidgro ,

I disagree. This is as you say Precisely the type of thing that happens when an image generator is asked to make a chart/diagram, so to me it seems a really wild leap to go from “This looks like exactly what happens when X” to “someone must have designed this to look like what happens when X”.

If it were human designed, I think it would be intentionally funny (which realistically would backfire, but anyway…)

(And besides, paid ChatGPT does indeed connect to DALL-E 3 now)

9point6 ,

Tbf I thought DALL-E3 was still just available via bing image creator, missed the memo that ChatGPT was hooked up to it too.

Still, for me though it still looks like it’s human generated to try and be funny (it’s just haha-AI-so-silly isn’t groundbreakingly funny any more). It’s mostly the information continuity throughout the image that I’ve not really seen from an image generating AI before (especially when not even prompted for it), and I’ve had a play around with DALL-E3 so I would expect the ChatGPT version to be equivalent.

Maybe I’m too cynical, but this just reeks of fake to me.

d3Xt3r ,

I tried the same prompts as OP, it didn’t generate an image at first instance - had to ask it to generate one. This is the image I got:



Damage ,

Ropy from pituge

EnterOne OP ,

ChatGPT takes the liberty of creating a DALL-E prompt that it doesn’t feel the need to share with the user. You can, however, ask ChatGPT to share the exact prompt and seed with you to reproduce the image. Here is the actual prompt and seed DALL-E ended up working with:

Prompt: “A step-by-step visual guide on using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Microsoft Word. The guide includes steps like opening Microsoft Word, inserting an image into a Word document, selecting the image, and using the OCR feature to convert the text in the image into editable text. The layout should be clear and easy to follow, with each step labeled and illustrated in a user-friendly manner, catering to users with basic proficiency in Microsoft Word.”

Seed: 3993182816

To be clear, ChatGPT decided on its own to create and send this prompt to DALL-E in response to my request for tech support.

Kyrgizion ,

It is. The paid version (GPT-4) is integrated with DALLE-3.

otp ,

I had a lot of fun asking it to draw ASCII art for me… especially if you ask it for corrections about specific aspects of its art

lurch ,

“The design is very human”

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