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I just finished my hour-long interview with Oxford University concerning their study of Mastodon and decentralized social media.

They were especially interested in what we’ve done here at Veganism Social, as we have our own fork with custom features that address common complaints such as content discoverability.

Veganism Social’s use case was exemplary of the benefits of decentralizion. Our moderation is uniquely anti-speciesist, and the community has a clear purpose beyond ‘general’.

My analyses of the technological and sociological benefits of decentralization are extensive. I (currently) have a deep understanding of Mastodon’s code-base, and how to use it. I also worked as a software developer for centralized social media, and now moderate a subreddit with 100k members.

I could not possibly exhaust myself of exhilarating insights to share.

Surely, the Oxford study will broaden awareness of how decentralized social media will benefit society.

Next time my wife asks me to stop info-dumping, I’ll banter that Oxford might think it’s worth listening to. 🤭

They’re sending me an Amazon gift card as compensation, and of course I’m spending it all on candy.

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Where can we find a list of difference between the features in veganism social?

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Pretty wild to read this Mastodon post in a Lemmy community

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1stTime4MeInMCU ,
  1. Overshooting 1.5°C is fast becoming inevitable. Minimising the magnitude and duration of overshoot is essential. Multiple lines of evidence indicate that, due to insufficient mitigation of greenhouse gases (GHGs), no pathway remains that avoids exceeding 1.5°C global warming for at least some decades, except for truly radical transformations. Minimising the magnitude and duration of the overshoot period is critical for reducing loss and damage and the risk of irreversible changes.

  2. A rapid and managed fossil fuel phase-out is required to stay within the Paris Agreement target range. The fast-shrinking carbon budget means that governments and the private sector must stop enabling new fossil fuel projects, accelerate the early retirement of existing infrastructure, and rapidly increase the pace of renewable energy deployment. High-income countries must lead the transition and provide support for low-income countries. All countries should pursue an equitable and just transition, minimising socio-economic impacts on the most vulnerable segments of the population.

  3. Robust policies are critical to attain the scale needed for effective carbon dioxide removal (CDR). While not a replacement for rapid and deep emissions reductions, CDR will be necessary to deal with hard-to-eliminate emissions and eventually to reduce the global temperature. Current CDR is predominantly forest-based, but rapid acceleration and deployment at scale of other CDR methods with permanent CO2 removal is required, supported by stronger governance and better monitoring.

  4. Over-reliance on natural carbon sinks is a risky strategy: their future contribution is uncertain. Until now, land and ocean carbon sinks have grown in tandem with increasing CO2 emissions, but research is revealing uncertainty over how they will respond to additional climate change. Carbon sinks may well absorb less carbon in the future than has been presumed from existing assessments. Therefore, emission reduction efforts have immediate priority, with nature-based solutions serving to increase carbon sinks in a complementary role to offset hard-to-abate emissions.

  5. Joint governance is necessary to address the interlinked climate and biodiversity emergencies. The international conventions on climate change and biodiversity (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biological Diversity, respectively) must find better alignment. Ensuring that the allocation of climate finance has nature-positive safeguards, and strengthening concrete cross-convention collaboration, are examples of key actions in the right direction.

  6. Compound events amplify climate risks and increase their uncertainty. “Compound events” refer to a combination of multiple drivers and/or hazards (simultaneously or sequentially), and their impacts can be greater than the sum of individual events. Identifying and preparing for specific compound events is crucial for robust risk management and providing support in emergency situations.

  7. Mountain glacier loss is accelerating. Deglaciation in response to climate change is even quicker in high mountain areas, including the Hindu Kush Himalayas and polar regions. This threatens populations downstream with water shortages in the longer term (including approximately 2 billion for the Himalayas), and exposes mountain dwellers to increased hazards, such as flash flooding.

  8. Human immobility in areas exposed to climate risks is increasing. People facing climate risks may be unable or unwilling to relocate, and existing institutional frameworks do not account for immobility and are insufficient to anticipate or support the needs of these populations.

  9. New tools to operationalise justice enable more effective climate adaptation. Monitoring the distinct dimensions of justice and incorporating them as part of strategic climate adaptation planning and evaluation can build resilience to climate change and decrease the risk of maladaptation.

  10. Reforming food systems can contribute to just climate action. Food systems have a key role to play in climate action, with viable mitigation options spanning from production to consumption. However, interventions should be designed with and for equity and justice as linked outcomes, and implementation of mitigation measures should be done inclusively with diverse stakeholders across multiple scales.

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If you read sci fi , today’s your day. 30 free (electronic) on Dec 7:

@romancelandia @romancebooks

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@ALostInquirer not yet. Since it’s a one day sale, I only went through the list and added them to my library today - haven’t read them yet. But, as a generalization, I have loved other books by Sara Ivy Hill and Elin Wyn, and I’m likely to read their books in this list first.

ALostInquirer ,

Gotcha, appreciate the heads-up! This is a nice way to find new authors to read!

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wird heute 95. Sein Text "Manufacturing Consent" ist inzwischen auch in einer deutschen Ausgabe erhältlich. Er ist übrigens Mitglied der in derselben Internationalen @IclCit wie die @FAU organisierten Gewerkschaft @iwwunion - der in der @jungewelt von heute gratulierende Artikel "Ein Polyhistor" ist leider noch hinter einer Bezahlschranke verborgen.

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House Judiciary Committee advances FISA Section 702 bill with warrant requirements, 35-2

Sen. Ron Wyden says "This is great news for anyone who cares about protecting their privacy from government overreach."

So far the only coverage is @tonya_riley's paywalled Bloomberg News article

The bill is H.R. 6570, the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act, sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). It has a lot of similarities to the bipartisan Government Surveillance Reform Act (where Wyden and Sen. Mike Lee are the Senate sponsors). But there are other bills potentially moving forward as well.... (1/3)


EveryMuffinIsNowEncrypted ,

grasps pearls around neck

Imagine the scandel!

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The worlds on a role at this point

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Saturn Award nominees!

Picard and SNW: Best SF TV Series
LD: Best Animated TV Series/Special
Anson Mount, Patrick Stewart: Best Actor in a TV Series
Jonathan Frakes, Ethan Peck, Ed Speleers, Todd Stashwick: Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series
Jess Bush, Celia Rose Gooding, Jeri Ryan: Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series
Paul Wesley, Amanda Plummer: Best Guest Star in a TV Series


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@CindyLouWho2 @startrek Ugh how did I miss that? I've edited it in.

CindyLouWho2 , avatar

I always find those lists hard to read - just too much info. It's hard to catch everything!

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@arstechnica @technology

Does anyone else see bespoke batteries as a scam?

I noticed the difference in my xbox controller vs playstation. My woman had to keep hers plugged in because the battery was at end-of-life, I kept a set of rechargeable AA's and used them in my mouse, xbox paddle, razor...I forget what all else.

Why not standardize phone and laptop batteries?

muntedcrocodile , avatar

Nope just greedy fuckers being greedy. In devices like phones it kinda makes sense from a space efficiency standpoint but most devices its simply so they can take ur money when u need a replacement.

poloniousmonk OP , avatar


Thanks. I suspected as much.

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Es ist Mittwoch 🌡️ meine Leidende!
Zum dritten mal in den letzten 2 Monaten habe ich das zeug gekriegt. Ist das Luck?


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Alle bekommen gerade Erkältungskrankheiten und mein Körper am Sonntag so: Hier, Magen-Darm-Grippe.

Wenn ich dieses Jahr auch noch COVID kriege, raste ich echt aus.

BatrickPateman ,

Ich kaufe ein 'n' und möchte lösen: 'Leidenden'

Außer du du adressierst hier eine Schwesti, dann hab ich nix gesagt.

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OpenHaystack is a framework for tracking personal Bluetooth devices via Apple's massive Find My network. Use it to create your own tracking tags that you can append to physical objects (keyrings, backpacks, etc


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@ernest I'm trying to reply to a federated toot and the add comment button changes to "sending" for a while then comes back without posting anything.

Anything more I can do? this problem has happened before but I can't figure out when/why

ernest , avatar

@bluGill it should be okay now

insomniac_lemon , (edited ) avatar


I had a similar issue responding to something in /m/random yesterday, and I ended up making a new mircoblog on (and mentioning people) instead. They saw it (and mentioned me) but I didn't get a notification and their replies don't show up even now here on kbin (I see the replies on one of their instances). EDIT: I should say the replies aren't visible on either, not sure if that's part of it

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This year I have read ten novels, and two collections, by Grand Master Robin McKinley. The last is also the last one to be published, ten years ago. Shadows is enjoyable, if not up to the level of my overall favorite, Sunshine.


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@templetongate @bookstodon
Where do you recommend starting?

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🏈 @nfl

Via Tom Pelissero 🤖 @TomPelissero

The will start QB Zach Wilson on Sunday against the , coach Robert Saleh announced.

Wilson told Saleh on Monday he wants the ball, and Saleh is giving it back to the former No. 2 overall pick.

laimis , avatar

@emarktaylor @nfl @TomPelissero at this point I am rooting so hard for him to just baaaalll out, 3TD 310yards ... but it's not going to happen, is it. I am giving him props for not faking an injury to get out of this mess.

emarktaylor OP , avatar

@laimis @nfl

I agree. He's getting killed back there cuz his OL can't block anybody and he's beaten BUF and PHI.

Hoping something goes well for him for once.

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‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ And ‘Lower Decks’ Nominated For Best Series Critics Choice Awards

SNW up for Best Drama Series, Celia Rose Gooding for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, LD up for Best Animated Series


EpicMuch ,

This has been a great year for new Star Trek stories

Jaccident ,

I can see Lower Decks maybe taking that award, unfortunately I don’t see SNW winning alone, and I strongly suspect Elizabeth Debicki will take the Best Actress Award.

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