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The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu
The Quest for the Storied City and the Race to Save Its Treasures

Two tales of a city: The historical race to reach one of the world's most mythologized places, and the story of how a contemporary band of archivists and librarians, fighting to save its ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of al Qaeda, added another layer to the legend.


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86 new from the this week
Includes 5 (!) copies of Goro Dati's La Sfera, a bunch more Greek, many 16th and 17th C "Disputations" from the Barberini collection, a very narrow copy of Statius' Thebais, a Book of Hours and some maps of Henry Stevenson Jr.
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A page from Chig.M.VII.148 f.17r. It contains three stanzas of Italian poetry in black ink, with section titles in red on the left and a large picture of a tower on the right, decorated in red wash

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Check out version v1.3.0 of our edition of Alice Thornton's Books. We have a new search function for people and places. Links that go to our partial release are live (others show up but are currently disabled). We also have some sample bios up for the 14 people named in the first 22 pages of her 'Book of Remembrances'.

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We have also added more detail on the site about Alice Thornton's four manuscript books, especially her 'Book of Remembrances' which is where the 103pp of the partial release are from
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Neil Ker Memorial Fund - DL 10 Jan 2024

Aim: to promote the study of Western medieval MSS, esp. those of British interest: investigation of their production, readership and use


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98 were digitized by the this week, because they don't care about
Includes a ton more Greek works, including an illuminated John of Damascus, a post-Byzantine Greek Ordo, a Latin Rituale, more Russian psalter volumes, more Henry Stevenson Jr, and a poignant Ferrial Psalter made in Constantinople in 1452
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A full page miniature of John of damascus, seated with halo left, teaching a bunch of students standing right. From f.3v
A page of black minuscule greek, with water damage to the top 5 lines from f.117v

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Aujourd'hui, séance du séminaire Manuscrits en Méditerranée @IRHT_CNRS par Anne Weddigen, "Sur la tradition manuscrite des diagrammes dans les traités musicaux grecs et latins", sur place @campuscondorcet ou en ligne (me contacter)


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I have found my True Love, and it is this miniature, Mohawked, axe-wielding maniac and their, uh… [hound? horse? rabid hedgehog? (whatever it is, I’m here for it)] scribbled by some medieval or early modern kid in a Cambridge University Library legal manuscript. ! 🪓🤺

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76 new from the this week
Includes more from the backlog, a 16th C Rituale, Chrysoloras' Erotemata decorated like a cheap Ghent-Bruges Book of Hours, a 12th C Symmachus, Boccaccio in Greek, a French cartulary and .... Henry Stevenson Jr!
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f.1r from There are leaf borders on all four sides and a large capitol letter Ε. The text is widely spaced greek with latin glosses

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Pay attention! This is the important bit—right here.

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