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Judge finds evidence that Tesla, Musk knew about Autopilot defect that led to killing of Florida man (www.reuters.com)

Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor, called the judge’s summary of the evidence significant because it suggests “alarming inconsistencies” between what Tesla knew internally, and what it was saying in its marketing....

Facebook Watches Teens Online As They Prep for College (themarkup.org)

An investigation by the media organization The Markup found the pixel by Facebook and Instagram-parent Meta on dozens of popular websites targeting kids from kindergarten to college, including sites that students are all but required to use if they want to participate in school activities or apply to college....

Deutschland: Zuckersteuer könnte bis zu 16 Milliarden Euro sparen (www.tagesschau.de) German

Eine Zuckersteuer auf Erfrischungsgetränke würde in Deutschland allein innerhalb der nächsten zwei Jahrzehnte bis zu 16 Milliarden Euro sparen und zahlreiche Erkrankungen vermeiden. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt eine Studie der Technischen Universität München und der britischen Universität Liverpool im Fachmagazin “PLOS...

Swedish company Northvolt develops new state-of-the-art sodium-ion battery produced with locally sourced materials, entirely independent of traditional battery value chains (northvolt.com)

In a statement, Northvolt says its validated cell is more safe, cost-effective, and sustainable than conventional nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMC) or iron phosphate (LFP) chemistries and is produced with minerals such as iron and sodium that are abundant on global markets....

[DE] Debatte über Haushaltskrise: "Es geht eben nicht mehr alles" (www.tagesschau.de) German

Nach dem Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts zum Haushalt ringen die Parteien darum, wie es weitergehen soll. CDU-Chef Friedrich Merz forderte einen Verzicht auf die Kindergrundsicherung, das Heizungsgesetz und auf ein höheres Bürgergeld. “Es geht eben nicht mehr alles”, sagte er in der ARD-Talkrunde “Maischberger”....

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Was wäre, wenn wir einfach alle klimeschädlichen Investitionen streichen wie für Öl und Gas und Kohle? Wäre das nicht mal ein Anfang?

Attacks on reporters threaten right to information in DRC’s Nord-Kivu province, Reporters Without Borders says (rsf.org)

The latest victim was Nerry Ushindi, a journalist with Radio Télévision Ishango (RTI), a community radio station based in Kasindi, a small border town in the northeastern corner of the province. Three armed masked individuals forced their way into his home in Kasindi on the night of 9 November....

‘You live in your own bubble’: Swedish city of Luleå takes on loneliness with a simple hi (www.theguardian.com)

While many have their own hobbies that keep them going through the cold dark winter months here – ice swimming, cross-country skiing, walking on the “ice road” out into the archipelago – one thing remains a problem: loneliness. In an attempt to counter that, authorities in Luleå have launched a campaign to ease that...

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Another variation: China wants global companies to invest as its economy heavily depends on exports and foreign direct investments.

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China bets on France in relations with EU

Macron responded that foreign companies in the Chinese market should come with fair competition conditions – echoing the several EU companies and countries that have often complained about China’s opaque law on foreign companies.

Xi’s ‘tempting’ words come as China faces an anti-subsidy investigation launched by the European Commission on 4 October, looking into whether China is involved in an alleged illegal subsidisation scheme.

In the call, Macron also expressed “deep concerns” about the Russian-North-Korean military cooperation, which he said could have an impact on Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Macron also called on China to maintain relations with the Ukrainian authorities, despite China’s refusal to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and despite Russia’s withdrawal from two arms treaties, the reiteration of its readiness to use nuclear weapons and its nuclear test in November.

A secret Google deal let Spotify completely bypass Android’s app store fees (www.theverge.com)

Google fought to keep the Spotify numbers private during its antitrust fight with Epic, saying they could damage negotiations with other app developers who might want more generous rates. Google’s User Choice Billing program, launched in 2022, is typically described as shaving about 4 percent off Google’s Play Store...

YouTube Says New 5-Second Video Load Delay Is Supposed to Punish Ad Blockers, Not Firefox Users (www.404media.co)

In a statement, Google did not provide specifics but also did not deny implementing an artificial wait time. “To support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favorite content on YouTube, we’ve launched an effort to urge viewers with ad blockers enabled to allow ads on YouTube or try...

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<a href="">YouTube Says New 5-Second Video Load Delay Is Supposed to Punish Ad Blockers, Not Firefox Users</a>

Firefox users are reporting an ‘artificial’ load time on YouTube videos. YouTube says it’s part of a plan to make people who use adblockers “experience suboptimal viewing, regardless of the browser they are using.”

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Yeah, I changed the headline to make it easier. Sorry.

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I strongly disagree with the last part of your statement. The Chinese I know peronally are very good people, many of them friends.

United Nations set to investigate Russia's "militarization of childhood as a state crime" (adcmemorial.org)

In January 2024, a UN committee expectedly calls on Russia to answer about the children deported from Ukraine: about their number; about granting Russian citizenship to them, in contradiction with international humanitarian law; about guarantees for their return to Ukraine and the preservation of their identity, citizenship,...

Canada must do everything possible to combat Russia’s abduction of Ukrainian children --- [Opinion] (www.theglobeandmail.com)

Recent reports have confirmed that Russia has transferred more than 19,000 Ukrainian children – and possibly significantly more – in a campaign of “Russification” aimed at their forced assimilation and permanent separation from their nation, write Payam Akhavan, Human Rights Chair at the University of Toronto’s Massey...

Over 100 doctors appeal to Putin for the release of Alexandra Skochilenko, imprisoned for a protest act in a supermarket (zlive-network.com)

The Russian doctors have addressed President Vladimir Putin demanding the release of Alexandra Skochilenko, a 33-year-old woman sentenced to seven years in prison for protesting against Russia’s offensive in Ukraine in a supermarket. Skochilenko had replaced price tags in a supermarket with slogans criticizing the Russian...

Abgeordneter verliest in österreichischem Regionalparlament die Namen von 21 Volksschulkindern und fordert dann "Abschiebung straffälliger Asylwerber" (burgenland.orf.at) German

Johann Tschürtz, Klubobmann der FPÖ im burgenländischen Landtag, sagte anschliessend, die Abschiebung „war nicht für die Schüler gedacht, da diese ja auch nicht straffällig sind“....

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Nix Nato. Das spielt keine Rolle. Der ‘Vladi’ hat Geld überwiesen und alles war klar.

Hat ein chinesisches Kriegsschiff absichtlich australische Marinetaucher verletzt? (www.nzz.ch) German

Am Samstag gab das australische Verteidigungsministerium bekannt, dass sich ein chinesischer Zerstörer auf «gefährliche und unprofessionelle» Weise der australischen Fregatte «HMAS Toowoomba» angenähert habe. Dabei seien australische Marinetaucher verletzt worden.

'Big Four' accounting firm PwC served dozens of Russian billionaires through its Cyprus branch, undermining global efforts to punish Putin’s allies and stymie support for Russia’s war machine (www.icij.org)

PwC’s work for Russian billionaires is part of a global system of enablers who, at a time of war, have undermined Western efforts to hurt Russian oligarchs financially and to sow discontent with Putin in their ranks....

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I may be mistaken, but I personally think they do that for money and for money only. They don’t have political views and no principles.

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Hat jemand das Buch gelesen? Welche Formen des Kapitalismus meint er? Und wo sind (oder waren) sozialistische Alternativen in der Welt?

African and Caribbean nations agree move to seek reparations for slavery, call for formal apologies from European nations (www.theguardian.com)

The partnership between the 55-member African Union and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) of 20 countries will aim to intensify pressure on former slave-owning nations to engage with the reparations movement....

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As a white European: please stop posting such garbage.

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As a white European supporting reparations: please stop posting in such a pre-mature garbage language.

Gaza faces widespread hunger as food systems collapse, warns UN (www.wfp.org)

“Supplies of food and water are practically non-existent in Gaza and only a fraction of what is needed is arriving through the borders. With winter fast approaching, unsafe and overcrowded shelters, and the lack of clean water, civilians are facing the immediate possibility of starvation,” said UN World Food Programme (WFP)...

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Sehr viele Nicht-Techies würden einfach komplett an der Einrichtung scheitern

Das höre und lese ich sehr oft, ubd angesichts der Nutzerzahlen ist es wohl auch so, aber ich verstehe es nicht. Was ist so kompliziert daran, einen solchen Client einzurichten? Das sind ein paar Clicks und dauert nicht mal eine Minute.

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