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Der wichtigste Ersatz ist vermutlich die Gallery und da ist Aves ganz gut

"Wir sind nicht überlebensfähig": Das System Volkswagen droht zu zerbrechen ( German

Der anstehende Jobkahlschlag ist der Vorbote des drohenden Niedergangs bei VW: Viel zu lange haben es sich Belegschaft und Management von Deutschlands wichtigstem Konzern in alten Gewohnheiten bequem gemacht. Wolfsburg kämpft ums Überleben....

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In der Folge belief sich der Jahresüberschuss im Geschäftsjahr 2022 auf 12,5 (4,0) Mrd. €.


arappathor , to dach German avatar

HLI: Interlaken heißt so...

... weil es zwischen zwei Seen liegt.

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Wow! Genius!

Shutting down the Matrix bridge to Libera Chat (

Today we are sorry to announce that we are not able to bring the Libera Chat bridge back online. We have already begun working through clean up tasks, such as clearing ghosts, and expect to be done by December 22. If you see any bridge artifacts left past that point, please let us know....

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What’s your concern with element?

I mainly see a funding issue for but that’s also because the people behind it always offered the service as element, not as matrix.

But what’s the bigger problem with it?

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Sure, it raises a lot of questions but they can’t or can not yet be answered negatively.

Which law enforcement agencies? That’s not neccessarily bad. Tor is/was funded by the CIA.

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The CLA isn’t that great I agree, yet there are other implementations and anyone can set up another server.

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Which OS do you run? Android just isn’t enough anymore these days.

Did you try material files?

3rd party apps are somewhat funny on android since every app is 3rd party on another android os device.

I am connected to my nextcloud and my proton drive via the “built in” files app from grapheneos.

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I’ve got a Pixel 6 but another OS

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What’s an ultra hdr image? Avif? Jxl?

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Looks like google doesn’t introduce a new file ending / format. You’ll never know if you’ve got a normal jpg or that hdr thingy. I wonder why they do that intermediate step to avif.

Maybe because they are not yet ready and confident that avif may replace jpg right now.aybe it’s the first step towards avif.…

Does this exist?? Messaging platform with a panic button from any member.

Basically I am looking for a messaging platform like signal or? but with anonymous signup, perfect forward secrecy, capable of video chat, sending photos the usual uses in today’s life. But with a panic button. So that any party member could use said button to wipe all other members devices of any data instantly inside the...

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You can use matrix/element and if someone loses her phone, you can remove her from the room. The room will disappear from the other phone if it’s connected to the internet

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You don’t have to selfhost. You can use anyone’s server. It’s all e2e. The social graph may be visible. Selfhosting is easy. Look for an install with docker.

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I don’t care about social graph being visible so long as there isn’t identifiable info during sign up. well said

you can also look into hosted services like EMS but I don’t know if you have to provide identifiable info.

But what if matrix was self hosted on a hostile network.

it’s all encrypted on the client -> e2e. even if it was http and no SSL

Say matrix was running from a hotel WiFi.

you have to provide a domain, I’m not sure how easy it would be to run it without and only locally on a LAN. IT’s possible but the experience wont be good. you also can’t federate. It’s much easier to use a hosted server.

How would one secure the service.

the same way like you’d do it with a publicly exposed host.

BUT I think I’d go with p2p matrix before going the LAN route.

Here’s a p2p matrix built ……/1uK_BcHGiAYHkN6OAA7P73obAquwShRg5

look into the matrix room for more info

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you scrobble with your subsonic server or client or spotify to which belongs to which is the database for music like tmdb or tvdb.

edit: no, listenbrainz is not yet as mature as trakt. considering that listenbrainz is like tmdb, there needs to be another service for music like trakt which isn’t there, there is no working service that does that.

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Musicbrainz has a lot of data. Listenbrainz has only 25k users. What’s currently popular is heavily skewed. You can’t rate music properly. The android app isn’t starting at all. No pwa support. It needs months of your data in order to generate recommendations. Favs/likes/bookmarks aren’t synced with a subsonic server. Playlists aren’t synced with the connected service. It’s just not there yet, if ever. I scrobble. I don’t know why I still do it, maybe in the hopes that one day it’ll skyrocket and become useful. One day. Maybe the financial backer is missing. Most importantly, the userbase is missing. I have contributed so many albums to musicbrainz and I could still contribute hundreds more, if not much more. I do not have the time to contribute so much stuff that I’m don’t even love that much. It’s just not important enough. It’s like openstreetmap, owners do not care about adding their own info to it. As long as it’s like that it’s unimportant and not that useful.

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Only $5.45 ?

I thought they charge 20€ since 15 years.

That’s probably because I read an article that said “venice starts charging 20€ per day” and in the end it’s just some idiot screaming into the void and some idiotic journalist catching his dumb ideas and selling it as if it were facts. I hate modern journalism.

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that is incredible, 5% of all swedish households are using illegal iptv. really, that number makes me doubt the whole study - but I don’t live in sweden, maybe that’s how it is.

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Wikipedia shall get their money from google and other big companies that use the database. There are many more projects that can use money much better

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Provate tracker. We are there for each other and together we have an awesome collection of linux isos

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I highly doubt that it’ll ever happen, but if, I’ll just host my own matrix server and I’m good to go.

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*In case the EU manages to force all providers to backdoor the services

I don’t think that’ll happen anyway. But you are right, the server doesn’t matter too much in the csse of e2e. The client is more important.

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Using a public service like proton or firefox for that has the advantage of you blending in with the crowd, i.e. the service doesn’t know who the account belongs to whereas the service knows exactly that it belongs to you because only you have the top level domain.

In theory … in the real world it doesn’t matter too much because noone will hunt you down.

I guess that it’s no more of a hassle than using one email with your own top level domain.

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Emailing the author and asking for the paper

GravitySpoiled OP ,

Gefunden hab ich die leider noch nicht 😅

GravitySpoiled OP ,

thank you for the detailed explanation!

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